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Get All the Facts Before Buying or Selling Your Home

Only a professional home inspection can give you the information you need.

A1 Home Inspections in Bismarck, ND is recognized by many as the premier home inspection firm serving clients in the Mandan and Bismarck area. We've established a reputation as fair and effective inspectors who follow a strict code of ethics to identify major (and minor!) issues in the property you're buying or selling.

Knowing about previously undisclosed structural or functional issues allows home buyers to invest with confidence in their real estate purchase. It also serves to pinpoint areas where home sellers need to direct their attention in order to make the property more attractive for sale.

Working to ensure you have the information needed to make an informed buying decision on your major property investment is what A1 Home Inspections is all about.

Conforming to State and National Inspection Standards

As licensed and insured North Dakota home inspectors, our inspections must stand up to critical examination and peer review. You're assured of getting a thorough and accurate accounting of the property's condition when you hire A1 Home Inspections. In fact, we encourage you to follow the inspector as he works through his inspection process at the property in question.

At the conclusion of the inspection process, your A1 Home Inspections pro will present you with a detailed inspection report that covers all areas. Since this report is standardized, it will be recognized by real estate industry professionals of all disciplines as a valid record of the property's condition.

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